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  • Introducing the Whale Sanctuary Project

    This blog is taking a break for the next few months so that I can devote my energies to the Whale Sanctuary Project. Here's why.

  • Is the Sloth Sanctuary a Zoo?

    The Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica was the first of its kind for these wonderfully engaging animals, and it was a model for others that followed. But questions have arisen. And…

  • Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary

    Tafi Atome looks like a typical forest in Ghana. The monkeys have been revered in this village for two centuries. But being “sacred” is no guarantee of survival.

  • The Great Irony of Animal “Rights”

    The great irony of the animal rights movement is there is still only one species that has any rights at all: humans. But the Nonhuman Rights Project is setting out to change that.

  • Why Mass Extinction Is Part of Human Nature

    Why would a supposedly “intelligent” species behave in a way that’s bringing about a mass extinction – one that will likely take us down along with so many other animals?

    Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary

    Tafi Atome looks like a typical forest in Ghana. The monkeys have been revered in this village for two centuries. But being “sacred” is no guarantee of survival.

    Health Concerns about Spay/Neuter

    Spay/neuter is one of the bedrocks of the no-kill movement. Every year it saves millions of unwanted dogs and cats from being born. But veterinarians are always looking for better ways of preventing unwanted pregnancies. And in this guest post, Prof. Hal Herzog looks at new research that challenges conventional wisdom that desexing dogs is also good for their health.

    He says that while “no one wants to go back to the days when 24 million unwanted cats and dogs got the blue needle each year … it’s a classic conflict between what is best for the individual versus what is best for society.” He also offers a possible solution.

    "The Elephant Ate My Tickets!"

    Claudia Flisi visited the Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary in Malaysia, which is helping to save Asian elephants from extinction. In order to remain open, the sanctuary encourages visitors and offers elephant rides. But this is no commercial zoo; its mission is to protect elephants who have been in captivity or who need to be relocated from forests where they are in increasing danger.

    Blessings Galore at St. John the Divine

    Inside Manhattan’s Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, the pews fill quickly, and the air thickens with anticipation. As people await the Blessing of the Animals service, the hush is broken by music, whispered conversations and the occasional bark. Here and there, someone leans over to murmur a few words to the dog by his side, or to the cat or rabbit in a carrier at her feet. Soon, the clergy begin to offer communion to the faithful. Songs and prayers follow. Finally, the cathedral’s massive front doors swing open.

    Do All Bugs Go to Heaven?

    If dogs and cats can go to Heaven, why not chimpanzees, horses, birds, or even mosquitoes and worms? We decided to study what people think about whether all dogs—or for that matter, their fleas—go to Heaven.

    The Leaf Chaser

    Teddy Bear is so focused on his leaves he is oblivious of other dogs, people, garbage or cars. Often, he chases the leaves to the point of exhaustion or until I pick him up and carry him off. He is The Leaf Chaser.

    Super Bowl 2012 Ads: The Winner… and Losers

    It wasn’t even close. Far and away, the biggest winner of the Super Bowl advertising blitz was the Bud Light commercial. The spot features Weego the rescue dog who, when called (“Here, Weego!”), fetches beer on command. Sure, the dog is cute and plucky and eager to please. But the real feel-good (dare I say intoxicating?) moments come at the very beginning and very end of the ad.

    When Families Fight over Pets

    People often refer to their pets as members of the family. As such, the pets are subject to many of the joys and tribulations of the household. Children and pets go through their own stages of development as do their parents and guardians. They bond and grow together, but not always harmoniously. We often hear of custody battles going on for years over who is responsible for the care of the child and under what conditions.

    Animal Law: An Introduction

    Essentially, Animal Law is any kind of legal work that involves non-human animals. Often Animal Law is thought of in terms of helping animals, but that’s not always the case.

    Does Loving Pets Make It Easier to Eat Meat?

    A recent article on food taboos got me thinking about how living with pets affects our beliefs about eating meat. The article by James Serpell, one of the most insightful and creative minds in anthrozoology, offers a new perspective on why we eat some animals but not others.

    Was Hitler a Vegetarian?

    My colleague Laura Wright and I were standing in front of an English class arguing about whether Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian. We were guest speakers in a course on film and literature.

    Dog Lover Meets Cat: A Sort of Fairy Tale

    And so Murray, the skinny senior with the goopy eyes and severed ear, came to be ours. He seemed most comfortable those first days exploring the Tech team’s quarters, often spotted nestled in the tangle of wire and cable under DogTimer Sui’s desk.

    Chicken Talk

    Living with chickens has made me realize how tuneful and talkative these fascinating birds are. The language of chickens is an essential part of their personalities and of their highly developed social life.