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  • Introducing the Whale Sanctuary Project

    This blog is taking a break for the next few months so that I can devote my energies to the Whale Sanctuary Project. Here's why.

  • Is the Sloth Sanctuary a Zoo?

    The Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica was the first of its kind for these wonderfully engaging animals, and it was a model for others that followed. But questions have arisen. And…

  • Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary

    Tafi Atome looks like a typical forest in Ghana. The monkeys have been revered in this village for two centuries. But being “sacred” is no guarantee of survival.

  • The Great Irony of Animal “Rights”

    The great irony of the animal rights movement is there is still only one species that has any rights at all: humans. But the Nonhuman Rights Project is setting out to change that.

  • Why Mass Extinction Is Part of Human Nature

    Why would a supposedly “intelligent” species behave in a way that’s bringing about a mass extinction – one that will likely take us down along with so many other animals?

    Seven Billion and Counting

    As I write this, we have just reached seven billion humans on the planet. And in the future there will be even more mouths to feed. We’re at a pivotal moment in world history, and there’s no doubt that the Earth can no longer sustain the increase in human population and our over-consuming and destructive ways.

    A Dog Wedding in the Park

    I had never before been invited to a canine wedding, and I smiled as I returned the R.S.V.P. card, saying that I would certainly be attending.

    Why Cats Should Teach

    Our society places much stock in being intelligent and having smart children, which is why schools administer so many different kinds of tests. But over the last decade, educators and parents have seriously challenged such approaches, standardizing tests, and the premise upon which they are based.

    Furr No More

    There is broken glass on the street, a vacant lot on the corner, and, tethered where I cannot see him, is Furr. I know exactly what he is doing, because he is unable to do anything else.

    Kisses from Wolves

    You haven’t been kissed till you’ve been kissed by a wolf – the four-legged kind. I had the pleasure of experiencing this when I volunteered at Wolf Sanctuary in Colorado.

    Top Ten Tool Users

    Scientists once thought that tool use was the defining feature of humans. Animals using tools is a a sign of extraordinary intelligence that shows an ability to manipulate an object.


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