A new relationship with animals, nature and each other.

Doctors with a Difference

‘Your body wants to be well!’

“I’m so in awe of the human body,” says Dr. Michael Klaper, “even after so many years of working with it.”

Dr. Klaper is among the growing number of physicians who have found that simply giving the body what it needs to be healthy is the key to enabling a true and healthful transformation.

“To see the body make the transformations toward health, there’s an innate force. The body wants to be healthy. There’s such beautiful justice in the world that with the right food, the natural food of humans, the body reclaims its natural heritage of health.”

The “natural” food Dr. Klaper speaks of is basically a plant-based diet. And while, as a doctor, he sees the health benefits not eating animal foods, he’s also pleased that good health and good ethics are so totally in synch with each other.

The gift we give ourselves is also a gift to all the animals and to the Earth.

“I’m an ethical vegan. And I know every person who adopts a plant-based diet means more poor animals won’t be in factory farms and face that dismal existence.”

Treating ourselves to good health automatically means good health for the whole planet – this “dear Earth planet that I love so much and that I grieve for every day. The blight of animal agriculture will be lifted one person at a time.”

In other words, we can all make a difference. And there’s no sacrifice involved. The gift we give ourselves is a gift to all the animals and to the Earth. “To think that I’m helping the animals and the Earth at the same time as I’m helping my patients, those are the things that keep me going.”

Dr. Klaper is one of many of the top nutritional physicians in the country at the upcoming Healthy Lifestyle Expo in Woodland Hills, California, October 14-16.

The dozens of medical and nutritional experts (and some great chefs, too) include Dr. Neal Barnard, director of the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine, which opposes factory farming and vivisection; Dr. Joel Fuhrman, who specializes in nutrition-based treatments for obesity and chronic disease; and Dr.Rip Esselstyn, who was recently featured on CNN’s special report on heart health.

Well worth the $200 for the full three days.

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What you can do: Go here to see more about the Healthy Lifestyle Expo.