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This Week in Green – Nov. 6, 2010

The whole world in your hands

If you don’t want to leave the fate of the world in the hands of politicians, then put the Fate of the World in your hands. Literally.

Fate of the World is a new computer game – so new, it’s only in the beta stage – that, as its website touts, “is a global strategy game that puts our future in your hands. Decide how the world will respond to rising temperatures, heaving populations, dwindling resources, crumbling ecosystems and brave opportunities.”

Fate of the World is from the game maker Red Redemption, whose first foray into socially conscious gaming was Climate Challenge for the BBC. Climate Challenge launched in 2007 and according to Red Redemption has been played by more than one million people.

As Time.com reported, the game was inspired by Myles Allen, head of climate dynamics at Oxford University’s Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics Department. The game is based on data from real-world climate models, input from economists and from the polar explorer Pen Hadow.