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This Week in Green – Nov. 6, 2010

Dare to dream

Daniel Dancer is designing some of the artworks that will be seen from space

Bill McKibben likes to dream and think big, and his next project fits the bill – literally.

McKibben, co-founder of the site www.350.org and a leading author on global warming, has set his sights on space. Or more precisely, some art projects gargantuan enough to be seen from space. McKibben hopes to enlist artists in more than a dozen locations worldwide to craft large-scale art pieces, which will be photographed via satellite and shared with the world.

McKibben has dubbed his most recent project “350 EARTH” and as he explains on his website, its goal is to spread a message of hope as well as convince people of the impact of climate change.

“These massive artworks will be large enough to be seen (and photographed) from space, and will depict climate impacts and climate solutions in all corners of the globe,” McKibben said. “350 EARTH will serve as a reminder of the global nature of the climate challenge, and the fragility (and beauty!) of the planet. “

The event will run from Nov. 20-28 and culminate on the eve of the UN climate talks in Cancun, Mexico.

350 EARTH comes on the heels of McKibben’s recent worldwide project – 10/10/10. That project included more than 7,300 events in 188 countries.