A new relationship with animals, nature and each other.

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    Circus Lions Fly to Sanctuary. Orcas Soon?

    On the same day SeaWorld was pushing back against retiring killer whales to sanctuaries, 33 lions from circuses in Peru were heading to a sanctuary in South Africa.

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    The Great Octopus Escape – and Others!

    Great escapes like those of Inky, Frank Lee Bull and the priceless Tamworth Two, remind us that our fellow animals prize freedom as highly as we do.

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    The New Tree of Life

    The Tree of Life, a diagram that shows branches of life on Earth, has just changed radically. The dominant life form on Planet Earth is actually bacteria.

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    Imagining Ourselves as Animals

    What would it be like to be eaten by a large predator? We humans are, after all, basically a prey species, and our drive to dominance is a product of human frailty.

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    SeaWorld’s Three Whoppers

    It was all a bit too good to be true. Even as the CEO of SeaWorld and the CEO of the Humane Society of the U.S. were smiling together, SeaWorld was preparing an advertising blitz…


    Top Scientist Predicts RAPID Ocean Rise

    World-renowned climate scientist Dr. James Hansen is predicting a rapid ocean rise of 20 to 30 feet – enough to submerge every coastal city on Earth – along with catastrophic shutting down of ocean circulation, leading to massive storms and other climate upheavals. And the key word is RAPID.


    Mice with Human Brains

    The Ancient Greek Chimaera had the body of a goat with a lion’s head and a dragon’s rear end. But why settle for mythology when you can make your own real-life chimera in the lab, and lots of money at the same time?

    Some people

    Spot the Clone!

    Hello again, viewers, and welcome back to America’s favorite quiz show: Spot the Clone! I’ll be your host as our contestants try to decide who the real clone is.


    How We Moved from Denial to Anger

    The recognition is finally dawning that Planet Earth is in deep trouble. In terms of the five stages of coping with one’s impending demise, we seem to be moving, as a society, from Stage One: Denial, to Stage Two: Anger.


    Trump’s Death Anxiety Campaign

    Along with panicky denunciations from the shocked-horrified-and-appalled Republican establishment, there was much cheering and applause from Donald Trump’s zombie supporters when he called for “a total…


    The Zuckerberg Syndrome

    Mark Zuckerberg plans to donate most of his wealth (currently valued at about $45 billion) to the cause of “personalized learning, curing disease, connecting people and…