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    Can There Ever Be a ‘Humane Economy’?

    Is it possible for us humans to coexist peacefully with our fellow animals in a modern capitalist economy? Two books come to opposite conclusions.

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    Conservation, Restoration, Reparation

    Even though we can never fully recompense these apex predators for what they've lost, having their own sanctuary can help to heal the deep wounds we have inflicted upon the fabric…

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    Circus Lions Fly to Sanctuary. Orcas Soon?

    On the same day SeaWorld was pushing back against retiring killer whales to sanctuaries, 33 lions from circuses in Peru were heading to a sanctuary in South Africa.

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    The New Tree of Life

    The Tree of Life, a diagram that shows branches of life on Earth, has just changed radically. The dominant life form on Planet Earth is actually bacteria.

  • Horses are outfitted with armor for combat

    When Animals Are Drafted

    On this Memorial Day, let's also remember how, for 5,000 years, animals have been conscripted into war, from charging elephants to bomb-sniffing bees.


    Bob Barker Does It Again

    Just three weeks after he completed a half-million-dollar donation to Chimp Haven, a Louisiana sanctuary for former laboratory chimpanzees, Bob Barker has sent $250,000 to Save the Chimps, a sanctuary in Florida.


    Chimps, Orangutans Have Human-Like Personalities

    Do chimpanzees, orangutans and other nonhuman great apes have distinct personalities like us? It’s been a longstanding debate within the scientific community, and those who seek to exploit these animals have long argued that “personality” is a distinctly human attribute, not shared by any other species.