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    Election 2016 and the End of a World Age

    Thomas Berry writes about the real choices we face this year and the Great Work upon which we should be embarking.

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    An Oasis for Bears in Romania

    It's the largest refuge for bears in the world. Journalist Claudia Flisi gets a tour of Romania's LiBearty Sanctuary for orphans and other rescues.

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    At Sundance, a Triumph for "Unlocking the Cage"

    Premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to a cheering ovation, the movie follows the work of attorney Steven M. Wise as he argues to a group of high court judges that a…

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    Mice with Human Brains

    The Ancient Greek Chimaera had the body of a goat with a lion’s head and a dragon's rear end. But why settle for mythology when you can make your own real-life chimera in the…

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    Spot the Clone!

    Hello again, viewers, and welcome back to America’s favorite quiz show: Spot the Clone! I’ll be your host as our contestants try to decide who the real clone is: the one with…

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    How We Moved from Denial to Anger

    The recognition is finally dawning on people that Planet Earth is in deep trouble. In terms of the well-known five stages of trying to cope with one’s impending demise, we…


    Bob Barker Does It Again

    Just three weeks after he completed a half-million-dollar donation to Chimp Haven, a Louisiana sanctuary for former laboratory chimpanzees, Bob Barker has sent $250,000 to Save the Chimps, a sanctuary in Florida.


    Chimps, Orangutans Have Human-Like Personalities

    Do chimpanzees, orangutans and other nonhuman great apes have distinct personalities like us? It’s been a longstanding debate within the scientific community, and those who seek to exploit these animals have long argued that “personality” is a distinctly human attribute, not shared by any other species.