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  • Battle Buddy Now Therapy Donkey

    “He was a battle buddy,” said Marine Col. John Folsom, who had brought the donkey home from Iraq. “And you don’t leave your battle buddy behind.”

    The Lion of Afghanistan

    What was it about the Lion of Afghanistan that touched such a deep chord in us all? To see the King of Beasts become the sacrificial victim of humanity’s hatred and folly feels desperately wrong.

    The Most Decorated Dog

    To this day, Stubby, a pit bull mix, remains the most decorated animal in history. And many other pit bulls are regularly honored as heroes and therapy dogs all over the world.

    Animal Soldiers Go Hi-Tech

    Bottlenose dolphins are trained to alert their navy partners to protect ships and harbors from terrorists, to search out mines and leave an acoustic transponder close by so divers can then find the weapon’s location.

    When Soldiers Deploy

    A couple soon to be deployed learned of an organization, GASP, that’s made up of volunteers who take in pets of people in the military when they are deployed overseas.

    The 80th Commando

    Everything to do with the Special Forces is cloaked in mystery, including the identity of the 80th member of the team that raided the bin Laden compound: a canine.