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    “I Am Not an Animal!” – the video

    It’s surely the most important question in the world today: Why are we humans driving the Earth into a Sixth Great Extinction – an extinction event that will likely include our own species?

    Why, despite the fact that there are more animal protection groups and more environmental organizations than ever before, is the situation for our fellow animals and the whole world of nature getting worse by the day?

    And why do we humans, a supposedly highly intelligent species, continue hurtling down this catastrophic track?

    "We’re Humans, They’re Animals"

    The comments of soldiers at a checkpoint between Israel and Palestine are a classic example of what has been called the signature cry of all humanity: “I am not an animal.”

    In this case, as one of the soldiers puts it, “They’re animals; we’re humans.”

    Are Religions Bad for Animals?

    While religion itself is not in itself bad for animals, religions that seek to separate humans from the natural world are indeed a problem.

    (And, incidentally, there’s very little difference between a fundamentalist religious believer and an atheist transhumanist worshipper of technology.)

    ‘I Am Not an Animal!’

    For thousands of years, we humans have sought to separate ourselves from the rest of nature, to see ourselves as superior and “exceptional.” We don’t even like to be reminded of the fact that we are animals. They are animals, we are humans.

    So, what is it about being an animal that we so very much don’t want to be? What frightens us about the fact that we’re animals? How does this affect the way we treat other animals? And how could the answers help us get a grip on why we humans are on a path to disaster and self-destruction – and taking a lot of other lives on this planet with us?

    ‘I Am Not an Animal!’

    While it doesn’t bother ethics experts much when genes are mixed from two non-human animals, it’s much more alarming when they create human-other chimeras.