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    New Bird Flu Virus: H7N7

    Scientists studying the H7N9 bird flu virus say they’ve discovered a new strain of bird flu lurking in the chickens at the poultry markets of China.…

    Advanced-Stage Humanitis

    What a month! And August is not even over. On top of the dozens of raging forest fires, flooded cities and other daily disasters, here’s some…

    Terrarism and the Terrarists

    Terrarism, terrarists and terracide: words coined on the TomDispatch blog to refer to the the men who run what may be the most profitable corporations on…

    U.K. Astronomer Royal: Is This Our Final Century?

    Britain’s Astronomer Royal is setting up an organization to study the risks posed to ourselves and our planet by modern technology.

    “Nature has value in its own right,” he says. “So it’s imperative to do what we can to preserve the natural world, and this has to go beyond any human self-interest.”

    Will Humans Become Hobbits?

    A hobbit in the movie, and what real-life hobbits (homo floresiensis) looked like when they flourished on the island of Flores in Indonesia for about 80,000…

    After the Sixth Extinction

    This smiling fellow, known as Thalattoarchon saurophagis, was cruising the oceans about 244 million years ago in what are now the mountains of central Nevada, snapping up smaller fish for dinner. And that, we’re told, is good news. Here’s why.

    On the End of the World

    A few months ago, a friend of mine, Janet, asked me if I thought the world would really end on December 21st. I asked her why she would be more concerned with a supposed “Mayan apocalypse” than with the much more down-to-earth reality that we’ve entered a time of growing ecological disaster.

    “It’s easier to imagine the Mayan apocalypse,” Janet said. “After all, you know it’s imaginary, like zombie apocalypses and all that good stuff, so it takes your mind off the real thing.”

    If the End Comes . . .

    With just over a month until the much ballyhooed end of the Mayan calendar, are you prepared for planetary disaster? As a promo for the second season of its reality show “Doomsday Preppers”, National Geographic TV says that nine out of ten people recently surveyed expect a world disaster within the next 25 years. But most of us say we’re not prepared for it.

    Mother Nature’s Extra Vote

    Last week, Mother Nature cast an early vote, with Hurricane Sandy reminding us all that there’s just one overarching priority for the next administration and the next Congress. This week another storm is brewing.

    Last night, when President Obama spoke to his supporters and to the nation, he laid out his priorities for the next four years: