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Packing Their Trunks?

In the old and delightfully subversive children’s song, Nellie the elephant “packed her trunk and said goodbye to the circus.” Could this be coming true in…

The Four Types of Elephant Personality

A new study of a herd of elephants in Africa has begun the process of classifying their personalities. The scientists looked at four dimensions of personality: Leadership, Gentleness, Playfulness and Reliability.

One thing they found is that among elephants, leadership is established not by dominance but by the respect gained in showing intelligence and solving problems.

Call No Elephant Happy Until She Is Free

It’s a terrible irony that Happy, the elephant who demonstrated to scientific researchers how animals of her species are capable of a high level of self-awareness, now languishes all alone in a cage about twice the size of her body. No animal with the kind of cognitive abilities that Happy has demonstrated belongs in a zoo – and, worse, in a cage.

Who Is the Smartest of Them All?

At the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Uganda, everyone knows that Natasha is the smartest of them all. Now a series of scientific tests have confirmed her intelligence.