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How Many True Vegetarians?

How do you categorize whether someone is truly a vegetarian or not? A lot of people call themselves veggies because they “only” eat, say, fish, eggs and dairy … or they eat vegetarian three times a week.

Was Hitler a Vegetarian?

My colleague Laura Wright and I were standing in front of an English class arguing about whether Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian. We were guest speakers in a course on film and literature.

Thanksgiving for Veggie Folks

“This vegetarian treat is a beautiful addition to the Thanksgiving holiday table,” writes Christina W. “My family has been making it for years. You won’t even miss the turkey!

Seven Billion and Counting

As I write this, we have just reached seven billion humans on the planet. And in the future there will be even more mouths to feed. We’re at a pivotal moment in world history, and there’s no doubt that the Earth can no longer sustain the increase in human population and our over-consuming and destructive ways.

Newark Mayor Receives Humane Award

Newark Mayor Cory Booker was one of the people honored at a gala dinner last week, put on by the Humane Society of the United States. He was presented with the Humane Public Servant Award.