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  • Introducing the Whale Sanctuary Project

    This blog is taking a break for the next few months so that I can devote my energies to the Whale Sanctuary Project. Here's why.

  • Is the Sloth Sanctuary a Zoo?

    The Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica was the first of its kind for these wonderfully engaging animals, and it was a model for others that followed. But questions have arisen. And…

  • Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary

    Tafi Atome looks like a typical forest in Ghana. The monkeys have been revered in this village for two centuries. But being “sacred” is no guarantee of survival.

  • The Great Irony of Animal “Rights”

    The great irony of the animal rights movement is there is still only one species that has any rights at all: humans. But the Nonhuman Rights Project is setting out to change that.

  • Why Mass Extinction Is Part of Human Nature

    Why would a supposedly “intelligent” species behave in a way that’s bringing about a mass extinction – one that will likely take us down along with so many other animals?

    A Week for the Animals

    It’s Be Kind to Animals Week, the American Humane Associate had a contest that recognized children who went above and beyond to create a better world for animals.

    Flying High

    Deep in red rock country, just to the north of the Grand Canyon, an egg has just hatched, and today a California condor chick is 1 week old. It’s cause for celebration.

    The Cave at Chauvet

    The cave at Chauvet became their sanctuary, where they could commune in a more intimate way with the animals, and they could express their own sense of wonder and vulnerability.

    Elephant for Lunch

    Elephants are already under threat of extinction in Africa. Now the Zimbabwe government has announced that elephants will be killed to provide better lunches for criminals in prison.