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Ringling Caves!

The elephants are packing their trunks. By any standard, today’s decision by the Ringling Circus to phase out its elephant acts represents a seismic shift in…

They’re on Their Way

Two trucks, three elephants, and a convoy of veterinarians, caregivers, police and other appropriate officials. After three years of petitions, arguments, agreements, disagreements, votes, flight plans,…

Leaving Las Vegas

Last December, Terry the chimpanzee celebrated his 34th birthday. He got some apples and other treats, and a few visitors wandered by, but it wasn’t much of…

Shamu’s Exercise Machine

SeaWorld is planning to install exercise machines for the orcas it holds captive at its marine circuses.

Orcas like Tilikum, SeaWorld’s biggest killer whale, who has killed three people and now spends most of his time languishing motionless in a small tank, could get some longer-distance swimming time.

Should we give SeaWorld a thumbs-up for this?