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Major Victory for Belugas

It’s being hailed as a very significant victory for the anti-captivity movement. Today, the U.S. government’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) denied the Georgia Aquarium’s…

Entertaining a Dolphin

It’s a delightful video, but many news outlets were in fantasy land when they told their viewers that this dolphin at SeaWorld, Orlando, was “laughing” when…

Enough Already!

One of the gorillas at the Dallas Zoo has finally had enough of a bunch of out-of-control kids yelling abuse at him through the glass. This…

ABC Nightline Takes On SeaWorld

Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. With the movie Blackfish currently playing at the American Film Institute festival in Washington DC, ABC’s Nightline looks into…

Elephant ‘Stud’ Shipped Around the World

The Denver Post calls Billy the elephant a “pachyderm heartthrob”. We’d call him a cardiac patient in the making.

Billy is on his way to the Denver Zoo from Europe in hopes that he’ll father a new baby to put on display there.

Elephants at zoos are dying faster than replacements can be born, and there’s talk of zoo elephants needing to be classified as “endangered”.

So it’s no surprise that zoos are racing to keep their populations from dwindling – and that rather than address the cause of the problem (major diseases stemming from obesity), they’re shipping more elephants from one zoo to another as part of an emergency breeding program.

Latest case in point: Billy, who was born in Ireland, then shipped to Belgium, and is now being prepared for the 5,000-mile flight from Brussels to Denver.