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‘Look Where I’m Pointing’

We humans point at things with our fingers, or by motioning with our head and eyes. Other apes do much the same thing. Now we know that raven do it, too. In their case, they point with their beaks.

Let’s Share Some Spaghetti!

“Counter-walking cats,” you write, “should be kept out of the kitchen during preparation and during dinner when the extra food is just sitting there.” A reader of your column just sent us this video of Mackinaw Queenie and Kenzie in the kitchen:

Welcome Home!

See what happened when a U.S. Air Force Captain was greeted by Molly, her 8-year-old pup, at the airport where she landed after a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

You Are Not His Family!

There’s something a bit creepy about SeaWorld spokesman David Koontz telling us that Ikaika the pre-teen, troubled orca “will become a member of our family.”

SeaWorld Back on Trial

SeaWorld is back in court today to defend itself against charges of “willful” neglect by OSHA in the death of killer whale trainer Dawn Brancheau by orca Tilikum.

How Do You Define a Person?

While a pair of cells may be deemed to be a person, a 40-year-old elephant or orca, who carries the wisdom and culture of her community, is no more considered a person than is a computer or a pile of garbage.

Whale Culture is Real

They have the biggest brains on Earth. Their clans have thousands of members, covering thousands of miles. And a new study shows that, yes, they have cultures that are passed down from generation to generation, just like humans.

My Vacation with Elephants

Emma Barratt, 23, had just graduated with a geography degree, and she wanted a vacation. But not just any vacation. So she decided to spend two weeks caring for rescued elephants in Thailand.

Crows Can Use Mirrors to Find Food

Would you be able to find something if you could only look at it through a mirror? Crows can. This puts them among a small group of species, including humans, dolphins, chimpanzees, elephants and magpies, who have been shown to be able to process mirror information.