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A Nest of Baby Dinosaurs

Fossil hunters in Mongolia have unearthed what is the largest known nest of baby dinosaurs – 15 of them in a bowl-shaped area just over two feet wide.

Too Many for Noah’s Ark!

If they were heading two by two into his legendary ark, Noah would have needed space for more than 17 million animals, less than 2 million of them have ever been seen.

Faces from the Past

At the time when the Roman Empire was collapsing, here in the American Southwest it was the birth of the Ancestral Pueblo people. A visit to their cave paintings at Indian Canyon.

The Storm on Saturn

A storm raging on Saturn is eight times the surface area of Earth and has been raging for eight months. It’s 500 times bigger than anything previously seen on Saturn.

When the Sun Sneezes

A giant explosion! Solar flare, from NASA When the sun sneezed on Tuesday, it was big. In this case, more than a billion tons of material…

Flying High

Deep in red rock country, just to the north of the Grand Canyon, an egg has just hatched, and today a California condor chick is 1 week old. It’s cause for celebration.

A Forest of Blue

They call it the Forest of Blue, and the world’s water keeper – the greatest single storehouse of unfrozen fresh water in the world. It’s not a lake, or a river. It’s the boreal forest of Canada.

When the Earth Twitches

Instead of taking up a way of living that’s in harmony with the Earth, we’re always busy trying to take dominion over it. We want to be masters of the universe, but we’re not even masters of our own neighborhoods.

Yosemite in Winter

A park webcam captures light and shade on El Capitan, the great granitic monolith at left, and on Half Dome at center, two of the world’s best known rock formations

Hyena at Sunrise

The Earth in pics – Dec. 27 By Grégoire Bouguereau French photographer Grégoire Bouguereau watched a herd of hyenas for days at this water hole in…

Big Discoveries from an Epic Ocean Census

The new Census of Marine Life took 10 years and is full of amazing discoveries. “We’re finding what we expected,” says leading scientist, “the utterly unexpected.’’ But the discoveries also come with an urgent warning

A Neighboring Galaxy

Composite photo by NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team The large “grand design” spiral galaxy M81 is located 11.6 million light-years away – not that…