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The Yeti Bear

Walt Disney imagined the Abominable Snowman as a red-eyed monster when he conceived the Matterhorn Ride in 1959. But for hundreds of years before that, imaginations…

Are You a Martian?

  Mars today, and how it may have looked in its early days with what astronomers believe was a large northern ocean. Ladies, you may not,…

The Pinwheel Galaxy

Great photo of one of our cosmic neighbors, the Pinwheel Galaxy – our nearest face-on spiral galaxy, just 27 million light years away. This photo was…

Life on Europa?

The ice that covers Europa is 60 miles thick. But the ocean that it covers is a rich, salty mix that appears not to be very different in makeup from our own ocean. And, according to a new study, there are breaks in the ice that allow the water to come up to the surface, So there’s a constant exchange of ice and water. And that means if you want to know what’s going on in the ocean, 60 miles down, you only have to scrape a little ice off the surface.

Sounds like a mission for a Mars-type rover. And that’s exactly what NASA is thinking, too.

Pope Francis – Day 6

By last weekend, we hadn’t heard much, if anything about the new pope’s relationship to anything except humans. But today, at his official installation, Pope Francis spoke out for protection of the environment, urging his people to shun “the omens of destruction and death.” Perhaps that phrase was a little unclear, but he added this during his homily at the inaugural Mass: