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Best Simple Book on Climate Change

Pound for pound, I’d rate Global Weirdness, the new book from the folks at Climate Central, the best book I’ve come across for a simple, objective, science-based explanation of what climate change is and how it’s affecting the planet.

Climate Change IS a Hoax!

Yes, that’s the conclusion of renowned activist Bill McKibben, who now concedes that when it comes to global warming: the floods in Minnesota that even drowned…

How Earth Recovered from an Earlier Extinction

How long might it take to recover from the Sixth Great Extinction that scientists tell us is now underway? The most well known extinction event was the one that brought an end to the reign of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. That was the Fifth Great Extinction.

The Elephant on Mars

A sanctuary on Mars for elephants spirited out of zoos by Bob Barker? No, just the latest “face” seen in hi-res photos from Mars. This one…

But What Would Erik von Daniken Say?

The high plains of southern Peru are famous for the Nazca Lines – animal shapes about an eighth of a mile long that were carved into the high plateau land around 400 C.E. and were once thought by some, like the controversial author Erik von Daniken, to have been landing strips for extraterrestrials.