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Dog to the Rescue!

As more and more of Europe was awash in floods last month, it could be difficult to get around. Especially if you were in a wheelchair.…

Giant Feral Cats Are Eating Australia

In Northern Australia, feral cats are growing enormous – more than three feet long – and consuming much of the indigenous wildlife.

Now the federal government is taking action to save the wildlife by killing as many cats as possible.

Will it work? Probably not. But neither, frankly, will a trap/neuter/return program. After all, we’re talking about what’s become essentially a new species of wildlife, fully integrated into the “bush”.

Health Concerns about Spay/Neuter

Spay/neuter is one of the bedrocks of the no-kill movement. Every year it saves millions of unwanted dogs and cats from being born. But veterinarians are always looking for better ways of preventing unwanted pregnancies. And in this guest post, Prof. Hal Herzog looks at new research that challenges conventional wisdom that desexing dogs is also good for their health.

He says that while “no one wants to go back to the days when 24 million unwanted cats and dogs got the blue needle each year … it’s a classic conflict between what is best for the individual versus what is best for society.” He also offers a possible solution.

The Freaks (not dogs) of Westminster

No, I’m not referring to those poor dogs, with all the health issues of inbreeding like squashed faces and crippling joint diseases. They’re as loving and lovable as any abused dog. I’m referring to the people who would do this to dogs, turning them into deformed shadows of their true canine nature.