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The One Way to Celebrate Earth Day

This Sunday, you can celebrate Earth Day by recycling something, joining a group that’s picking up old cans and bottles, taking a reusable shopping bag to the supermarket …Or you can do the one thing that will really make a difference.

Wolfgang Puck Says No to Foie Gras

Renowned California chef Wolfgang Puck has written a letter urging fellow restaurateurs to embrace the state’s upcoming ban on foie gras. The bill, which was signed in 2004, gave restaurants eight years to come up with a humane alternative to the way the “delicacy” is produced.

Americans Eating Less Meat

The department of agriculture projects that our meat and poultry consumption will fall again this year, to about 12.2 percent less in 2012 than it was in 2007.

Pigs on Dangerous Antibiotics

Discovery News explains that just two weeks of low-dose antibiotics boosted the number of E. coli in the guts of pigs and the bacteria had more drug-resistant genes.

Why to Avoid the Cat Stew!

It was a toxic mix of greed, jealousy, forestry, business and cat stew. A Chinese CEO is dead and a deputy director of agriculture is in handcuffs.

New Theory on Bee Collapse

What’s killing the bees? We’ve heard numerous theories over the past few years, from pesticides to viruses to cell phones. Now there’s a new theory: A parasitic fly is turning bees into zombies.

Bird Flu – "Not If But When"

The H5N1 virus (aka bird flu) is rearing its head again in Asia, where huge, dirty, inhumane chicken markets are a breeding ground for dangerous bugs and viruses that can be carried around the world by humans, by birds or by other animals.

Are You a Vegansexual?

Latest word to enter the scientific vocabulary: Vegansexual. The term was coined in New Zealand after much media attention was given, four years ago, to a study that noted that an increasing number of vegans said they engaged in sexual relationships and intimate partnerships only with other vegans.

Why Diet Pills Appeal to Republicans

If you’ve done a search online for “Rush Limbaugh” or “Rick Santorum” lately, you may have also been looking for a weight loss remedy. That’s one of the conclusions from sociologist Shankar Vedantam, who’s been running the new Google Correlate through its paces.

The Bison Mark Zuckerberg Shot

Zuckerberg placed it there recently as a prank, to surprise his top exec with the installation of the very hairy bison when she was away from Facebook’s Silicon Valley HQ. And surprised she was when she got back and was faced with the creature, which pretty much takes up the whole room.

How Many True Vegetarians?

How do you categorize whether someone is truly a vegetarian or not? A lot of people call themselves veggies because they “only” eat, say, fish, eggs and dairy … or they eat vegetarian three times a week.