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Three Strikes!

Three times in just four days this week, major animal abuse industries have been forced into the open to defend themselves on national TV and radio.

Why We Should Kill Wolves!

Should wolves, once hunted almost to extinction, be taken off the endangered species list? Arguing that he and his kind should be allowed to kill them once again, John Gaither, the president of the Idaho County Sportsmen Club writes in the Idaho Mountain Express that 4,925 people have been reported killed by wolves since the year 1580.

Mitt Romney’s Hunting Exploits

During yesterday’s South Carolina Republican debate, Mitt Romney added “hunting skills” to his list of presidential credentials, but got confused over which animals he’d actually hunted.

Rick Santorum Shoots Birds to Snare Votes

Santorum had joined Iowa Congressman Steve King for a day of killing birds near Des Moines. King’s endorsement is considered important, and Gov. Rick Perry, who’s also struggling to get ahead in the upcoming Iowa caucuses, has already been out killing twice with King.

Prince Philip’s Holiday Gift to Wildlife

Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth of the U.K., and president of the World Wildlife Fund (yes, really!), saved the lives of a few animals today. That’s because he’s in hospital with a heart condition and wasn’t be able to join the Royal Family’s “traditional” December 26 hunting expedition.

The New Jersey Bear Hunt

“New Jersey’s black bear hunts painfully illustrate the extent to which government can sanction cruelty toward other species. The hunts are basically massacres of highly intelligent and sensitive animals.”

Dog Shoots Duck Hunter

Bad luck or bad karma? Either way, the ducks at the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge were safe from being shot last Sunday when the dog put a stop to the plans by shooting one of the hunters.

Hunter’s Partner, Not Bear, Killed Him

Remember the story about the hunter who shot a bear and whose partner, trying to distract the wounded, enraged bear away from his younger partner, was killed by the bear? The older hunter, it turns out, wasn’t killed by the bear. He was shot by his own partner.